Zenelli Carbon ZX + Free Mimetech Pouch
Zenelli Carbon ZX + Free Mimetech Pouch

Zenelli Carbon ZX + Free Mimetech Pouch

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The gimbal head Carbon ZX represents the flagship model of the Zenelli production. This product includes all the features necessary to meet the needs of lightness, practicality and safety. The Quick Release Lever and the Save Lenses Lever are the two main features that make the Carbon ZX the perfect gimbal for every need and functionality. It is therefore a product that is easy to transport and quick to use thanks to the characteristics listed.
To complete the features we find a levelling bubble and a Pin Save Tablet to prevent the Tele from escaping during vertical balancing.
Carbon ZX is produced with the best materials on the market today: main body in Carbon Fibre to absorb the micro-vibrations of the shot, Forged Aluminium to increase solidity, Magnesium Alloy to give extreme lightness and Stainless Steel screws to withstand all the conditions.
Carbon ZX is ideal for bird watching, nature and sports photography and is the perfect product for all types and sizes of Telephoto lenses.


  • Dimensions:230x230x90 mm, 9x9x3.5 in
  • Weight:0.90 Kg, 1.98 lb
  • Max Load:70 Kg, 154 lb
  • Tripod thread:3/8-16UNC
  • Plate profile:Arca Swiss
  • Pan rotation:360°
  • Tilt rotation:110°, depending on the telephoto lens used
  • Composite material:Carbon Fiber
  • Other materials:Forged and Extruded Aluminium
  • Composite finish:Varnish anti UV transparent
  • Temperature of use:+68°/-32°C, 154°/90°F
  • Screws: Torx, Stainless steel