ZEEion - Filter Refill Replacement

ZEEion - Filter Refill Replacement

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The new Improved Zeeion® Filters Refill is designed only for the Zeeion® Sensor Blower.

    Package includes:
  • Front filter(1)
  • Supporting stand back filter (1)

VisibleDust introduces new Improved Zeeion Supporting Back Filter. The new more ergonomic design allows:

  1. More efficient air-intake.
  2. Acts as a vertical support stand for Zeeion blower.
These unique filters eliminate potential damage that can be caused to your sensor from dust projectiles when using the blower — a common problem with ordinary blowers. The Zeeion® filters perform this task by removing quartz, sand and other particles less than 20 microns across.

After prolonged use, the Zeeion® Blower will need the filters replaced to maintain it's optimum performance. No other blower filtration system provides the advanced protection for your sensors and camera equipment, than the Zeeion® Blower