Kite APC Stabilised Binoculars 12x30
Kite APC Stabilised Binoculars 12x30
Kite APC Stabilised Binoculars 12x30
Kite APC Stabilised Binoculars 12x30
Kite APC Stabilised Binoculars 12x30
Kite APC Stabilised Binoculars 12x30
Kite APC Stabilised Binoculars 12x30

Kite APC Stabilised Binoculars 12x30

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The KITE 10x30 and 12x30 APC stabilised binoculars bring you the latest technology in binocular image stabilisation.
There are other stabilised binoculars in the market, but none of them compare to this.   

One very important difference is the correction angle. Most of today’s stabilised binoculars offer a correction angle from 0.5° to 1°. In other words, a correction of 0.8 to 1.7 meters at a distance of 100 meters. Trembling of the hand, observing on a windy day or being out of breath after hiking, will easily cause image instability that is larger than these values. The KITE APC stabilised binoculars feature a new technology that allows the instrument to correct the image stability by 3°, or 5.3 meters at a distance of 100 meters, or 53 meters at 1000 meters. In other words, 6 times more. This will allow perfectly stable images not only from a trembling hand, but even from a driving car or a boat in strong sea.  

This very compact sized and light instrument is also packed with intelligent features. The electronics are powered by two AA-batteries, the most common battery size worldwide, and will make sure the instrument runs for 36 hours. But to make sure not a second of those 36 hours is lost, the KITE APC binoculars are equipped with sensors that will automatically put the electronics to sleep mode when you are not viewing. The APC function (angle power control) detects positioning. When the instrument comes in vertical position, hanging from your neck or standing on a surface, it goes to sleep. From the second it comes to a more horizontal position, when viewing, the stabilisation kicks in. No switching of buttons, no accidental battery drain. A timer function makes sure it switches off completely after 90 minutes, no matter the position. And a low battery indicator will tell you well in time when new batteries are needed.  

The APC stabilised is ergonomically shaped, and features a 4 cm long focus wheel that can be easily operated with 3 fingers. Although the APC stabilised looks different, it is just as easy to use as any pair of standard binoculars. The essence of this instrument is of course with its stabilising capability. Optically it is on the same performance level as the KITE PETREL, however under any circumstance of instability, whether from your own hands, heavy breathing, windy conditions, etc… these binoculars will outrun the best binoculars in the world, and will give you the image and details invisible to any standard binocular. Try it to believe it!

The stabilised binoculars are equipped with KITE’s APC system (angle power control). Without having to switch the button, it will put the stabilising electronics to sleep mode when the instrument is in rest position (hanging from the neck) , and automatically activate the unit when you start observing again. This results in a huge increase of battery life and comfort of use.

With its 2 AA batteries, the stabilisation mechanism can be active for up to 36 hours.
The APC STABILISED binoculars are also perfectly usable without activating the stabilisation mechanism.

Regardless of its position (rest or active), after 90 minutes the instrument will automatically switch off for energy saving.


Magnification 10x 12x
Objective lens diameter (mm) 30 30
Exit pupil (mm) 3 2.5
Min. close focus (m) 2.6 2.6
Field of view (m/1000m) 96 91
Field of view (degrees) 5.5 5.2
eye relief (mm) 17 17
interpupillary distance (mm) 74-54 74-54
Height (mm) 165 165
max width (mm) 133 133
min width folded (mm) 113 113
Weight (g) 615 620